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    When it comes for services, providing a service we all look imediatlly if we are interested in it, down bellow to see the details, price, contacts, and the final details in what we are going to invest further, for what Search Engine Marketing we are going to apply. Since commodity is high level when you are “BIG  MONEY”  few are  interested  to see, or realizing the residual effects they receive once they select the keywords phrase they are interested.

If a web-site gets Search engine optimization, automatically he is being transformed into a navigational pattern  to information. Same as SEO spider looks for. So the better you are doing for the sider to index the site, the bigger the chance for your site to receive a higher place in search engine results. (SERP’s) 

W3C is what all website might strive for, not good for rankings. How it helps, you are thinking..Engineers have concluded that no matter what W3C a site has, he will get PR for it’s unique content. 

When you are making optimization, an important issue is that you have to type the right name of page, file name, place of content, that make the spider relevant. Though Meta Tags are being considered by Google less value, they shouldn’t be overlooked.

When it is coded right, search engine are working to the next level and are driving traffic to your site, by different ways. (Press releases, articles, blogs, RSS/Directory Submission/User Groups), are for traffic ..

Now SEO, revenue appears. After you have made several press releases, talking about the new color of “logos”. Also in your press release mention the color that you have for sale. Now a value is created. And since you have add the other colors, you will be pick up IBL’s also.

One good example is have ranking the keywords, that you target for. Keeping to the logos problem, if your site is talking about design, colors and the best logos, you have just created a multiple phrases that your website can be ranked..!!!

Also very important, the about page is very important, when you have a big business, posting street address, that you help search engine to target your site.
SO, being now one step forward..don’t forget about the keywords..that Google hunts, for rankings..